Rotisserie Kits

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Material:Stainless Steel

Features: Adjustable Height, Easily Assembled, Easily Cleaned

Model   Type20012200142001620018
Spit Rod Size31.5"*5/16"43.3"*5/16"31.5"*5/16"43.3"*5/16"
Spit Rod ShapeSquareSquareSquareSquare
load bearing of spit load:20LB20LB20LB20LB
Meat Fork Quantity2222
Electric Motor ACACAC/DCAC/DC

【Universal Rotisserie Kit】It is a hassle free way to cook large roasts, chicken, and turkeys. You can relax in your chair and drink a warm cup of cider while you roast your hot dog or marshmallows.

【Smart Rotisserie Forks】 you will enjoy a relaxing grilling that is totally different from the past day. Just put in batteries, the roasting stick will automatically rotating over your BBQ grill or campfire.

【Valuable Grilling Set】Smart rotisserie kit includes: 2x spit rod, 2x meat forks which can be mounted on portable charcoal grill, round BBQ kettle or park style grill;